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Name: Colleen
Nickname: Bean
Hometown: Grafton, MA
High School: Grafton High School
College: Bridgewater State College
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’4″…ish?
Favorite Style Of Gansett: Tall Boy Light!
Favorite Gansett Bar: The Charlie Horse in West Bridgewater, especially on Thursday night for Country Night!
Likes: sea turtles, veggie pizza, driving with the windows down singing really loud and totally off key, gerbera daisies, adventures, when Will Ferrell gets hit by the taxi in ‘Elf’, country music, and Narragansett, of course!
Dislikes: the word “frothy” (gag)

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nrs grad, zoo, cians 1st, sox, gansett 146

nrs grad, zoo, cians 1st, sox, gansett 352

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