Become A ‘Gansett Girl!


Hi, Neighbors! We will be having an open call for ‘Gansett Girls at our Biltmore Park, Kennedy Plaza Petition Rally in RI on June 18th at 5pm.  Visit our stand where we will take your photo and collect more info. We will be having open calls at future petition rallies as well, so stay tuned to the blog. Read the job description after the jump.

‘Gansett Girl / Promotional Staff Position Description

Love Beer? The Narragansett Brewing Company is currently seeking qualified individuals to become a part of our promotional team. This is the perfect opportunity to gain marketing experience and become a part of a famous brand revival. As a member of the team, you will represent the brand to the public. Applicants must be out-going, enthusiastic, and dependable. You will need to have a reliable source of transportation and a flexible schedule to work nights and weekends.

Conduct and coordinate liquor store samplings and bar promotions
Possess a strong product knowledge of the brand and history behind Narragansett Beer
Out-going, enthusiastic, and dependable
Willingness and ability to engage customers conversationally & visually with charisma
Willingness and ability to communicate promotional details & product benefits to venue staff
Recap results of promotional events and submit timesheets to Brand Ambassador in a timely fashion

Must be 21 years of age or older
Equivalent to a high school diploma or higher
Good communication skills
Some prior promotional experience is preferred but not necessary
Reliable source of transportation
Ability to work nights and weekends on a part-time basis



on Become A ‘Gansett Girl!.
  1. Victoria Gamble

    I live and love in Newport Rhode Island. I love gansett and drink more than a few everyday. I shamelessly push them on my friends and strangers . I love the company and what it stands for.
    The first time i heard of the narragansett company was through my grandfather. He collected seashells and made shell crafts for years. one day he was roaming the beach and ran into a man who was creating an airplane out of naragansett beer cans. the man asked my grandfather to trade some shell art for the airplane and he did. the plane hung in my grandfathers house for more than 20 years until he passed in 2008. My sister now owns the airplane and it proudly hangs in her home in newport rhode island.
    I love narragansett and Narragansett loves me. I would love to be a part of the cause to support local companies…especially Narragansett Brewing Company.
    support the cause. buy a case. drink your part.

  2. Caroline Forgiel

    I grew up with Rhode Island parents and would be so excited to be a Narragansett girl!

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