Name: Amanda

Nickname: Gingersnap

Hometown: Providence

High School: JHS

College (if applicable): CCRI

Hair Color: auburn

Eye Color: green

Height: 5’1

Favorite Gansett Style of Beer: bock!

Favorite Gansett Bar: Muldowney’s

Favorite things (random): I love to paint, draw, photograph, and most of all- drink beer.

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  1. Alexandra Maddalena

    Since 2007 I was introduced to Narragansett Lager and over these years I have grown to love all seasonal beers made by Gansett. It’s my goal to be a “Gansett Girl” or to promote Gansett in some way. I am so passionate to get everyone I know to buy a case so we can build a brewery! How do I go about sending in my resume and a profile picture? I you can help that would be great, thanks!

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