This Weekend: Live Rock Shows And Beer Fests!

Whether you are hip to the fuzz, flakes and shakes, or tuned in to the atmospheric timbre, you are guaranteed to get as much as...

This Weekend: Live Rock Shows And Beer Fests!

Whether you are hip to the fuzz, flakes and shakes, or tuned in to the atmospheric timbre, you are guaranteed to get as much as you can handle at Deep Heaven Now 2. The second happening of the ambient/psych rock music festival is set to take over Union Square in Somerville this weekend. The first installment of the festival went down back in August when organizer Jinsen Liu (28 Degrees Taurus) decided to bring back the vibe of the original underground Deep Heaven festival series that happened in Boston in the '90s.

For two days the stages of Precinct and PAs Lounge will host 27 bands from Boston and beyond. Music will alternate on the half hour between the two stages throughout the day, resulting in minimal overlap of music so that ambitious attendees can be sure to catch all the bands. During the day there will be a tent setup outside with band merchandise and local vendors. Visit for more info!

The Ruins at the Colosseum is Providence's newest live music venue. Pretty much just what downtown needed with other spots closing. They are also one of Narragansett's newest bars to carry our tall boys. Just check out the above video to see the size of the club and great it is. Yes that was indeed a stripper pole. If the bands weren't enough to make the night complete. We have promo to kick it off tonight (Friday 11/12) with some great bands from New England. What can be better than Gansett Girls, live rock music and Gansett tall boys? Nothing. Keep Me Conscious is headlining along with Fighting The Influence, The Sophomore Beat, Love Via Dance Machine and Psycho Circus. For just $10 you get one amazing evening out in downtown Providence. Much better than sitting at home.

Here's what had to say: On Saturday, November 13 it will be all about beer at the Radisson Hotel on Elm Street in Manchester. It'll be filled with buzz and excitement as hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people make their way through the Radisson's armory sampling beers and making new friends.

Besides the opportunity to sample a wide variety of local craft brews, event attendees will also be able to attend various beer seminars. Seminars planned include: a beer and chocolate paring (yum!), beer and Cabot cheese paring (double yum!), the history of beer styles and a home brewers 101 session. In the background there will be plenty of great, live music and of course there will be plenty of food.

Live music will be performed by The Alternative Routes, Truffle and Alli Beaudry.

Saturday's event will be split into two sessions, a happy hour session (1:30-5pm) and an evening session (6:30-10pm). The two sessions will give more people the opportunity to attend the event and also give the brewers a chance to mix and mingle with attendees.

Tickets for each session are $29 and for those who are interested in attending the Friday night dinner as well as a tasting session, tickets are $89.

Great International Beer Festival
Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence
Saturday, November 13 1-4:30pm and 6:30-10pm
Tickets just $37 at the door

We are once again inviting you to participate in our forthcoming 18th Great International Beer Festival held again at the Rhode Island Convention Center in downtown Providence. Our recent Spring Beer Festival, with over 4,500 attendees, was an overall success. Several new breweries were on hand and our music entertainment was 1st rate.

The November 12th Festival welcomes back the Great International Beer Competition, our 14th, under the direction of Judge Gregg Glaser. Last November 2009 there were over 230 beer competition entries, (a 10% growth over the prior year) with well publicized results. Gregg also featured our "Tutored Tasting" at the Show. To prevent overcrowding and long wait lines we increased our square footage to 70,000 from 40,000 a few years earlier, making it easier to handle the estimated 7,000 attendees.

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