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Narragansett Brewing Company – Community & Events Marketing Manager Narragansett Beer is looking for a Community and Events Marketing Manager to develop and execute social...

Narragansett Brewing Company – Community & Events Marketing Manager

Narragansett Beer is looking for a Community and Events Marketing Manager to develop and execute social strategy and campaigns to grow the communities and also coordinate the grassroots marketing events behind the Narragansett brand.

As the Community and Events Marketing Manager, you will drive social strategy, campaign development, platform optimization, and analytics and reporting in the pursuit of increasing brand equity. Additionally, you will coordinate the marketing needs for events such as hiring, staffing, training, and execution as needed.

You will work as an integral member of the ‘Gansett team and report directly to the VP Marketing/Sales. Additionally, you will work closely with ‘Gansett’s creative agency on marketing campaigns and strategies. You will be the voice behind Narragansett Beer across a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, Pinterest, YouTube, and any new social platforms that fit with ‘Gansett’s strategy. You will also manage the event team to ensure effectiveness for Narragansett Beer’s events.

The ideal candidate has spent a great deal of time interacting on various social mediums as a consumer and manager. You should have a clear vision and opinion of social media in our culture for individuals and for corporations.

Social Media Responsibilities

  • Monitor and maintain presence across multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine and other platforms.
  • Engage, engage, engage. Curate conversations and interact with fans on all platforms – help make our pages alive and a place community members want to be.
  • Establish relationships with team and league partners, and help coordinate content sharing/licensing efforts.
  • Brainstorm new ideas to expand the Narragansett Beer social media presence; find ways to expand our audience.
  • Maintain a consistent voice across channels aligned with branding and target audience.
  • Discover trending topics, community needs, and interests of the audience across social platforms.
  • Create social media reports and aggregate data into actionable insights to inform the ‘Gansett team.

Field Marketing Responsibilities

  • Collaborates with sales management to develop and implement regional marketing and sales campaigns that reflect ‘Gansett’s marketing message.
  • Develops an operational plan with sales management that includes the anticipated needs for exhibits, events, sales presentations, digital marketing including e-mail campaigns, and print collateral.
  • Initiates projects from sales management requests for print collateral and digital marketing; manages the projects to final products.
  • Responds to rapid-response requests from regional sales force as needed to address immediate sales and competitive issues.
  • Communicates with marketing management and regional sales management on a regular basis to provide an update on ongoing marketing activities; communicates with all levels of regional personnel as appropriate.
  • Communicates regularly with VP Marketing/Sales to ensure accurate and timely completion of marketing projects for sales teams.
  • Works with sales management to develop agenda for regional training, both product and sales strategy product; communicates objectives to trainers; helps with execution of training plans.
  • Collaborates with sales and Proposal Services Team to complete district evaluation rubrics that position us competitively and help to drive revenue.
  • Works with Marketing and sales managers to determine regional assessment and curriculum issues; contributes to or facilitates regional training on these issues as needed.
  • Assesses the current market, recognize trends, identify customer needs, and communicate that information to regional management, strategy, and marketing management.
  • Observes sales presentations and participates in key events in the field to keep abreast of product, sales, and competitive issues.
  • Identify and execute licensing and sponsorship opportunities that fit with the brand to increase market share.
  • Order and manage inventory for point-of-purchase materials to support sales promotions within budget.


  • 1-2 years of community management or related experience
  • 1-2 years event marketing or related experience
  • B.S. in Marketing/Management or higher
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Timeliness
  • Ability to work nights and weekends as needed
  • Personal Vehicle
  • 21 years of age or older to comply with state and federal regulations


    • Excellent writing and editing, as well as verbal communication skills
    • Vast knowledge of Narragansett and the beer industry
    • Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail and the ability to handle multiple tasks with multiple teams and meet deadlines
    • In-depth knowledge of WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vine, YouTube and willingness to learn other social platforms
    • An understanding of social media metrics (followers, page views, engagement, reach, etc.
    • Experience in social media and online engagement tools (e.g. Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, etc.)
    • A driving passion for social media, building community, interacting with various audiences
    • Strong sense of initiative and ability to work under pressure on multiple projects
    • Must have a willingness to be on, even when you’re off. You must live with the community
    • Must have patience and a sense of humor, be witty and catchy with your words and show personality
    • Ability to respond to marketplace demands by planning time and activities to achieve company objectives
    • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Creative Suite; Photoshop, Premiere and InDesign
    • Proficient with photography and videography editing and production
    • Strong business acumen, leadership, and interpersonal skills
    • Out-going, enthusiastic, and dependable


Send your resume and a letter addressing why you believe you are qualified for this position to Please include the job title in the subject line.

Location: Providence, RI

Position: Full-Time


Narragansett Beer…Brewed since 1890. ‘Gansett is a straightforward, quality beer that has been a New England tradition for generations, producing a classic family of award-winning American lagers & ales. Today, ‘Gansett is produced at top-rated breweries in Providence, R.I., Rochester, N.Y., and Buzzard’s Bay, Mass. and is one of America’s top 50 regional brewers and the fastest-growing in the Northeast. Narragansett is available for purchase in local restaurants, bars, and liquor stores throughout New England, New York, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia, North Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin and Nashville, Tenn.

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