Weekend Recap: Indie Arts Fest And Caprio Rally

We couldn't have asked for a nicer Saturday. The third annual Indie Arts Fest took place at the skating center in Downtown Providence and Burnside...

Weekend Recap: Indie Arts Fest And Caprio Rally

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We couldn't have asked for a nicer Saturday. The third annual Indie Arts Fest took place at the skating center in Downtown Providence and Burnside Park. Narragansett beer always supports local arts and music so naturally we go involved. We set-up our tent in the beer garden and were pouring light and lager drafts. It's the perfect beer to enjoy while watching some great bands like Atlantic Thrills, Volcano Kings and more all day long. While the sun was high, the Fountain Of Youth skate shop transformed the rink into an awesome skate park. Boards were flying everywhere. After that, the Providence Roller Derby came in for one of their bouts followed by the infamous General Burnside's Facial Hair Contest. There were some pretty amazing beards and mustaches. Those who needed a break from the rink went over to Burnside Park to shop through the art exchange and get a bite to eat. There was all sorts of food even Like No Udder with their vegan ice-cream and Julians made some delicious sausages. The folks at DASH Bicycle Shop were raffling off a sweet bike which the Gansett Girls took for a spin. Check out the photo below. As the sun went down, the rink cooled off and tons of fans hit the dance floor for The Cozy Collective and some more great music. It truly was a spectacular day.

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Former President Bill Clinton was in Rhode Island last Thursday, July 29 to speak at the Frank Caprio for Governor Rally. Yes even with the busy weekend of his daughters wedding, Clinton made his way to little Rhody. The rally was held at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence and began promptly at 2 pm. Narragansett tries to remain neutral, but whichever candidate is chosen we hope they support our efforts in building a new brewery right here. In fact, Caprio's theme for the rally was all about Bringing Back Rhode Island. That's a perfect pair for a new Narragansett Brewery which will help stimulate the economy with more jobs. So Clammie, Tall Boy and the Gansett Girls went to the rally. The didn't go in, but instead held their own little rally out front to gain some support. We did get some supporters helping us out and even the ProJo came over to see what we were doing. Here's the article.

Clinton visit: Outside the hall, a marketing sideshow

Thu, Jul 29, 2010
Donita Naylor

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- A sideshow of sorts has developed outside the R.I. Convention Center on Sabin Street.

A man in a clam suit, and a man letting his sweat dry for a few minutes before going back inside the Narragansett Beer can suit, were accompanied by three Gansett Girls and a Narragansett Brewing Company vice president.

Matt Medeiros, disguised as Clammy, answered questions through the netting. He had a beard; the clam suit, made by an artist in Pennsylvania, had ruffles. Medeiros is the field marketing director, and he hired the Gansett Girls, Alexa Reyes, 21, of New York and Exeter; Andrea Cicerchia, 22 of North Providence and Megan McGowan, 22, of Providence.

Inside the can was intern Ben Cerroni, 21, of Providence.

Medeiros said there are about 100 Gansett Girls working in marketing, but McGowan said, "We're the A Team."

"Self-proclaimed A Team," said marketing vice president Jim Crooks, who said the demonstration was an effort to get Caprio on board for bringing the brewery back to Rhode Island.

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