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Chris from the blog posted another great review of Narragansett beer. This time they hyped our porter. Here is what he had to say:...

Chris from the blog posted another great review of Narragansett beer. This time they hyped our porter. Here is what he had to say:

Captain Whosisbrew has quite the busy schedule today, so I’m going to have to get down right to business. After trying Narragansett Lager and enjoying it thoroughly, I was eager to see what else Narragansett was capable of. Apparently they make a bock, a marzen, and... yep, a porter. Add in the fact that I love the can in it’s in, and we have ourselves a feature for Tuesday.

The Chamber of Beers.
The beer poured with an enormous, foamy, mocha-colored head, which had no intention of receding and maintained its dominant stature for quite a while. The color was jet black, with perhaps a chestnut brown tint when held to the light, but that might be a bit of a stretch on my part. In terms of balance, the aroma is right where it ought to be. It’s much more milky than most porters I’ve had, as notes of milk chocolate, a little coffee, roasted grain and a touch of citrus hops create a very interesting set of scents.

The taste is equally as interesting, as a combination of sweet milk chocolate and dark, earthy roasted grains initially dominate the range of flavor. Hop bitterness assertively cuts through the sweetness as the beer swirls in your mouth, also imparting a faint citrusy flavor. It might be a result of the aggressive hop bitterness, but I also pick up on some darker fruit flavors, such as blackberries. I’ve come to expect a fair amount of coffee flavor in American-style porters, and it’s still there, but it’s more subdued than many of its counterparts. Slight French roasty flavors are evident, but chocolate wins out in the battle of classic porter flavors. My favorite part of this porter is its mouthfeel. It’s very creamy and smooth on the tongue, but it seems to get silkier in the finish. A long, sustaining bitterness lingers on the throat for more than a few moments.

I really, really enjoy this porter and I’m deeply saddened by the fact that it’s nowhere to be found in New Jersey. It’s a very interesting porter, as bitterness is more ample than I’m accustomed to and some of the classic porter flavors are subdued, but this allows other characteristics to shine in a very flattering way. It’s definitely the kind of beer I want in my pint glass after a hard day’s work, or while sitting around and playing "Black Ops" with my friends.

Score: 8.0/10.0

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