Music Monday: Roz And The Rice Cakes Tour Down To SXSW

Roz and The Rice Cakes – Need to Feed from Rich Ferri on Vimeo. Roz and the Rice Cakes are touring down to SXSW and...

Roz and The Rice Cakes – Need to Feed from Rich Ferri on Vimeo.
Roz and the Rice Cakes are touring down to SXSW and bringing ‘Gansett with them. Check out the dates near you. And if you’re near Rhody, then don’t miss their newest record release show on April 4th at THE MET.

This past year they recorded their new album “NEED TO FEED” at the Columbus Theatre in Providence and will have copies available for you to pick up on this tour on vinyl, CD, or digital downloads, along with new shirts, stickers, and more.

Website: http://

New music: http:// track/castle

Sponsored by Narragansett Beer!


mar 07 @ New London, CT @ Oasis Pub w/ Street People events/1468081203414815/

mar 12 @ Galveston, TX / The National Hotel Artists Loft events/1415169355398708/

mar 13 @ Austin, TX / THE MUSIC RANCH (SXSW, 5pm) events/277814432384144/

mar 14 @ Austin, TX / STOMPING GROUNDS (SXSW, 10pm)

mar 15 @ Austin, TX / DEAD FOXX SHOWCASE (SXSW 1pm set) events/253497814827977/

mar 15 @ Austin, TX / RED DEVIL PEDICAB SHOP (SXSW, 4am show)

mar 16 @ Lafayette, LA / ARTMOSPHERE events/358408577634972/

mar 18 @ Athens, GA / 178 Tibbets events/505585716219588/

mar 19 @ Greenville, SC / THE RADIO ROOM w/ ART CONTEST, The FRANCIS VERTIGO events/824995344183129/

mar 20 @ Asheville, NC / THE ODDITORIUM events/368994469905135/ events/477791165660841/

mar 21 @ Greenboro, NC / TYP HAUS w/ Space Bear 3BR, and Et al. events/671228672940724/

mar 22 @ Richmond, VA / STRANGE MATTER w/ Houdan the Mystic, Shy, Low, and High Life Wedding events/1407896846135740/

apr 04 @ Pawtucket, RI / THE MET w/ The Low Anthem, Dr. Jones and Dr. Jones and the Shiners events/349162415221832/

apr 11 @ New Brunswick, NJ @ Candy Barrel w/ Party Cops, City Limits, Sea Creature, Terrible Terrible events/243865159131016/

apr 12 @ Boston, MA / FABRIK w/ GYMSHORTS, BATTLEHOUSE events/702669859785808/

apr 18 @ New London, CT / 33 Golden w/ King Sickabilly events/1462481813973037/

apr 19 @ Philadelphia, PA / MOONBASE more info TBA

apr 25 @ New Paltz, NY / QUINNS

apr 26 @ NY, NY @ BAR 9 w/ MARYMAC events/1402437413350099/

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