Band Of The Week: Vanna

VANNA recently finished up recording their latest record, AND THEY CAME BARING BONES. We gave them some beer to enjoy while in the studio. Unfortunately...

Band Of The Week: Vanna

VANNA recently finished up recording their latest record, AND THEY CAME BARING BONES. We gave them some beer to enjoy while in the studio. Unfortunately their trailer was stolen with all of their gear and 3 cases of Gansett. As devastating as that was, they are ready to hit the road for a string of US tour dates. They're kicking it off this Friday, June 3rd at Lupo's in Providence and you can expect lots of Gansett and moshing.

Here's more on their new record from their MySpace page:

.. .. AND THEY CAME BARING BONES – a subtle yet dark interpretation can be applied to this phrase and upcoming album title of Massachusetts’s own post-hardcore heavy weights, VANNA.

The album is a growth and a glimpse into the dark underbelly of the music industry that has captured VANNA for all of the positives as well as the negatives. The band wanted to dive into their own minds and portray the dreams, worries, hopes and fears of a group of twenty something’s neck deep in a world that has made them and broke them down. For fans of VANNA, this is a natural progression for the band – a progression that is much darker and angrier than previous musical endeavors.

Drummer Chris Campbell explains the recording process: “The whole vibe of the record is whole lot darker. We are all pretty pissed off and just wanted to go into the studio with that mentality. We wanted it to just come out of us and on to our instruments.”

‘AND THEY CAME BARING BONES,’ is a coming of age album by telling the truth of how life really is. There’s no point on putting on an act or faking anything, VANNA’s fans deserve better. No hiding behind a prefabricated image or a gimmick, VANNA is just being who they are. Their fans deserve the truth by grabbing their hearts, minds and ears of what kids are really feeling in today’s society. A love and hate relationship with being full-time musicians and dealing with personal and professional set backs as well as VANNA themselves calling for a revolution in music.

“This new album is an outcry of self-expression, an angst driven response - it's our chance to be honest with our fans,” exclaims vocalist Davey Muise. “Be real, be who you are, there's no point to being anything else.”

VANNA began recording ‘AND THEY CAME BARING BONES,’ starting in January of 2011 and will end in March of the same year. The man behind the mixing board was none other than producer/engineer genius Matt Goldman (MyChildren MyBride, Underoath, The Chariot, and Oceana). Recorded at Goldman’s own Glow In The Dark Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, VANNA enjoyed the entire creative process.

Davey Muise again comments: “Matt has done some of our favorite records of all time, and he agreed to take on our band’s new journey. We all couldn't be happier.”

Slated for a summer release of 2011 via Artery Recordings, VANNA’s ‘AND THEY CAME BARING BONES,’ will surely surpass and highlight this album as the best the band has ever recorded to date.

‘AND THEY CAME BARING BONES,’ takes you on an adventure and unpredictable path filled with dark and angry emotions, but at the end you realize there is a light of self-discovery – this is ‘AND THEY CAME BARING BONES,’ – this is VANNA.

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