Lovecraft Whiskey

We’re honored to have been able to team up with our neighbors down at Sons Of Liberty Spirits Co. to create Lovecraft Hopped Whiskey. About a year and a half ago we sent a few kegs of our I Am Providence Imperial Red Ale down to Sons Of Liberty for them to run through their still and age 10 gallon freshly charred oak barrels. The end result is a complex and unique whiskey that’s as twisted and intriguing as Lovecraft himself.

The whiskey presents a big floral, almost botanical nose. There’s a mild sweetness upfront followed by a rich nutty caramel and subtle flavors of vanilla. The uniqueness of this whiskey creates quite a special base spirit in cocktails. We spent some time with Sons Of Liberty’s cocktail maestro, Ian Single crafting (and drinking) some Lovecraft Hopped Whiskey inspired cocktails.

Visit our RECIPES PAGE for a list of Ian’s cocktails made exclusively for Lovecraft Whiskey!