Jul 2022

Narragansett Brewing Co. is Tagging a Shark!

Hi-Neighbor! We have a new, tasty announcement!

We’re psyched to announce that we are tagging a shark with UMiami’s Shark Conservation and Research Program! SRC focuses on understanding the effects of environmental change on the biological ecology and conservation biology of sharks in a human-altered world. We are excited to be supporting such a noble cause. But, we can’t have a shark without a name, and that’s where our loyal neighbors come in!

Follow the naming process of our shark on Instagram, where our followers have been voting and commenting potential names. Our Elite Eight bracket is posted now! Some top names so far include Quint, Brews, Sharky McSharkface, and Maiden Honor!

The person who commented the winning name will not only receive epic bragging rights, but they will also receive our entire 1975 merchandise collection and two JAWS 1975 12packs!

Our shark is a Male Blacktip Shark and will be traceable soon; so, stay on the lookout for updates regarding our to-be-named shark!