Jun 2022

‘Gansett PVD Craft Beer


Of course, you have heard about our wide array of bodacious beers, palatable pilsners, and other satisfying shandies to quench that insatiable thirst of yours! What? You haven’t? You must be living under a rock. Lucky for you, though, Narragansett Beer offers a top-tier selection of the best beers in town, and we forgive you for being unaware of it. Please, continue reading for a vibrant list of some of the tastiest beers at our Providence Brewery to keep you cool on those hot summer days!

Musik Express (Pictured above)

6% abv NEIPA

Voted one of the top beers of 2021 and inspired by the classic ride at Rocky Point, our flagship IPA is hopped with El Dorado and Waimea. These hops lend notes of grapefruit and pine with hints of passion fruit & papaya.

PVD Pride

5% abv Fruited Sour

Massively tropical and fruity, this prideful beer serves notes of apple, orange, guava, and passionfruit, yet fabulously tart and refreshing.

Tock Haus

5.0% abv Unfiltered Zwickel Bier

With mellow hop aroma and subtle maltiness, this Zwickel Bier is crushable for summer afternoons, but it holds up to a pretzel with ease.


5.3% abv Cream Ale

One of our classics, this ale is smooth, easy-drinking, and slightly sweet.

Galactic Empire

7.5% abv NEIPA

A tasty, galaxy-hopped IPA with stone fruit, passionfruit, and orange zest notes, this drink works hard to resist an empire of pale specialty malts.

Fresh Catch

4.2% abv Session Ale

A timeless summer classic, this sun-kissed, golden ale is dry-hopped with Citra for a fresh grapefruit finish.

1822 Porter

5.5% abv Porter

Brewed using a recipe from the 1800’s, this historical porter embodies the grit and smokiness that comes with age. Tested by time and by generations of ‘Gansett fanatics, this porter will surely put you at ease…or put a little pep in your step…either-or is good.

Li’l Dinghy

5% abv Hard Seltzer

On a constant, rotating selection, this line of hard seltzer is perfect for those days of traversing waves in either your dinghy or 80-foot yacht. Size doesn’t matter, and this drink doesn’t discriminate.