Feb 2020

#ILoveGansett Valentine’s Day Contest!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you don’t have anything planned yet, do you? We didn’t think so.

Look, we’re going to try to bail you out. Every year we send Tall Boy out with a couple of dozen roses and a couple of 12-packs to surprise the sweethearts of a couple of winners. You want to be that winner and let ‘Gansett keep you out of the doghouse, don’t you? All you need to do is this:

Post your favorite ‘Gansett related photo (or photos, we’re not judging) with the hashtag #ILoveGansett to be entered to win. Just before Valentine’s Day, we’ll pick a couple of grand prize winners’, and their significant others will get a romantic visit from Tallboy!

Go from “creeper” to “keeper” this Valentine’s Day. Get posting