Aug 2019

The Return of Lovecraft Honey Ale


Back in 2015 we launched the Lovecraft Series to commemorate both the 125th anniversary of HP Lovecraft’s works and the 125th anniversary of Narragansett Beer. Today we’re excited to bring the Lovecraft Honey Ale back just in time for NecronomiCon Providence – a convention that celebrates the diverse weird fiction and art community around the world.

Both being born in 1890, H.P. Lovecraft spent the majority of his life in Providence as a struggling author, only achieving literary fame posthumously. Commonly referred to as the “Father of Modern Horror,” he is often cited as an influence on other notable authors and artists from Stephen King to Metallica to Ridley Scott. H.P. Lovecraft is best known for creating Cthulhu, a fictional deity described as being part man, part dragon and part octopus. It is this creature that inspired the Cthulhu Mythos, a cultural lore and shared fictional universe of Lovecraft’s successors.

The spirit of alchemy and mischievous behavior is alive in this brew. Backboned by the combination of five pale malts, the beer opens up with a hint of honey sweetness, then turns with a herbal hop crescendo and a smooth finish. The Lovecraft Honey Ale was inspired by the Space Mead consumed by winged Byakhee as protection from “interstellar space travel” in Lovecraft’s “The Festival”. At 7% Alcohol by Volume and 72 IBU, The Lovecraft Honey Ale draws its rich, malt flavor from the featured Honey Malt.

The label artwork for Lovecraft Honey Ale was designed by Providence-based artist AJ Paglia.

Lovecraft Honey Ale Returns