Apr 2019

Narragansett Race Series “Couch to Race” Training

Hi Neighbor!

As we head into our 7th year of the Narragansett Race Series, we’ve been looking back at all of the fun we’ve had since we started. We really do pride ourselves in creating a series of races that are fun, unpretentious, and supportive. We don’t care if it’s your first time running a 5k or your 100th. We don’t care if you cross the finish line first or last. All we care is that you have a good time and that you earn your beer at the end of the run.

We’ve realized that we have a lot of beer guzzling Neighbors who have never run a race that regularly ask us how they could get in shape so that they can be a part of it. We have just as many 5k or 10k runners that want to know how to prepare to run our half marathons. We wanted to get this right, so we went to the pros at The Run Formula to help us create an easy to follow training regiment to get you ready. Below you can download 3 different training regiments that get you prepared for a 5k, 10k, or half marathon regardless of what level runner you are.

The 5k Plan 

The 10k Plan

The Half Marathon Plan

All trained up and ready to run? Head to Gansettrun.com to register for one of our races!