Mar 2018


As an ode to fishermen and the bounty they bring to the table, we’re proud to release Fresh Catch, our latest year-round offering. Fresh Catch is a supremely refreshing blonde ale that embodies everything it means to be from a coastal town. It’s about heritage, the tradition and importance of the fishing industry, and the excitement on the faces of friends and family when the first lobster, crab, or grouper of the season hits the table.

For generations, fishermen up and down the coast have fought harsh seas and spent extended periods away from home, all in the name of catching the freshest and highest-quality seafood all year long. At Narragansett, we’ve always prided ourselves on brewing straightforward, quality beers for hardworking people who also have a taste for the finer things in life. Fresh Catch is our salute to these fishermen and those that know how to enjoy their haul.