Aug 2017

The ‘Gansett Open: Bancroft Up or Down Ale Release Party!

Hi Neighbor!

Long before we moved in to our new brewery at The Guild here in Pawtucket the great Bancroft Tennis Company actually built word class wooden tennis raquets in what is now our back lot. So many greats that are now members of the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport used Bancroft raquets to win countless titles all around the world!

This year we’re releasing the new Bancroft Up or Down Ale to honor an important piece of Rhode Island history!

To celebrate we’re throwing The ‘Gansett Open complete with a full-on Nintendo Wii tennis tournament with very special surprise guests including the mayor of Pawtucket himself, Donald Grabien!

In proper old-school fashion, the first serve of each match will be determined by playing the beer’s namesake, Up or Down. Just like the flip of a coin, the challenger selects “Up or Down” prior to spinning a vintage Bancroft racquet. The butt end of each racquet is imprinted with Bancroft’s iconic “B”, and when the racquet lands, the B will either be facing up or down!

So come on down for music from DJ Haulin’ Boats, food trucks, badminton, the Wii Tennis Tournament, and a whole bunch of Bancroft Up or Down Ale!