Aug 2017

INTRODUCING: Bancroft Up or Down Ale

We’re proud to introduce the latest beer in our Hi Neighbor Mash-up Series – Bancroft Up or Down Ale! From 1882 to 1970, the Bancroft Tennis Company produced state of the art wooden tennis racquets right here in Pawtucket, just behind the new brewery. Many greats found at the Newport Tennis Hall of Fame made their mark playing Bancroft racquets.
What does “Up or Down” mean? Let us take you to school. In proper old-school fashion, the first serve of each tennis match is determined by playing Up or Down. Just like the flip of a coin, the challenger selects “Up or Down” prior to spinning a racquet. The butt end of each Bancroft racquet is imprinted with Bancroft’s iconic “B”, and when the racquet lands, the B will either be facing up or down. So… “Up or Down”?⠀