Aug 2017

Get Ready for Fall MADE ON HONOR Style

This Labor Day, we’re really celebrating what labor really means. It’s long hours. It’s late nights and early mornings. It’s cuts, bruises and working through the pain. It’s always trying to get better, to hone your craft, to set near impossible standards for yourself. It’s to never settle. It’s sweat and a bottomless well of heart. It’s being Made On Honor, and nothing short of that.

Over the years we’ve teamed up with some of our favorite hard-working, American-made companies to make some awesome ‘Gansett gear, produce episodes for the Emmy-Winning Made On Honor Series, and to throw some pretty bad ass parties.

Take Labor Day to think back on all of your hard work and where it’s brought you, and take a look at some of our friends who are fighting the great fight right there in the trenches with you.

The Emmy Winning Made On Honor Series

Last year our Made On Honor Series won an Emmy for best Public Service Campaign. The series showcases amazing local artists, makers, business owners and community builders who strive to bring locally sourced, hand crafted, American made goods to their communities. Check out the intro video below and head to www.madeonhonor.com for the full list of episodes.

The Made On Honor Collection

We’ve been lucky enough to partner with so many great Made On Honor brands to create some very special items that we feature on the webstore. Head to shop.gansett.com to check them all out!