May 2016

The Special Ops Coozie (Proceeds To Benefit Homes for Our Troops)

Special_Ops_Koozie_StoreHot days and warm hands are the enemy of cold beer. We needed a fix, and that’s why we called on our friends at Polartec® to help us out.

Introducing the Special Ops Coozie, the world’s first 3-layer temperature regulation system for your ‘Gansett. Powered by Polartec® Performance Fabrics, the Special Ops Coozie deploys the same insulating system that they designed for U.S. Special Forces soldiers.

The first layer is lined with Polartec® Power Grid, a lightweight the base layer that uses geometry to efficiently diffuse moisture and maintain temperature. The second layer is made with Polartec® Alpha®, an advanced form of Active Insulation designed for and with the U.S. Special Forces. Alpha® actually regulates temperature by controlling the flow of air and moisture while in active or moving states. Now you can keep your beer cold, even under the most intense conditions. The third and outer layer is protected by Polartec® NeoShell®, an ultra-durable, waterproof soft shell as soft to the touch as our beer is smooth.

You know what’s as cool as your ‘Gansett? Proceeds from the Special Ops Coozie go to Homes for Our Troops – an amazing organization that builds specially adapted homes for our severely injured veterans. So grab a Coozie, accept your mission, and help our give our veterans a better life. Cheers!

Pick one up now at shop.gansett.com!