Apr 2016

The NEW Summertime Citra Ale!

You may be remembering our Summer Ale and saying, “Hey, what are you doing?! I Liked that beer!” To that we say, calm down, we do too! Based off of our popular Summer Ale recipe, today we’re announcing the release of our new Summertime Citra Ale.

The true star of the our Summer Ale were the Citra hops. They add a distinctive and delicate grapefruit characteristic that just melds perfectly with the light, delicate flavors of pale malt. This year we decided to give credit where credit was due – we increased the Citra hop profile slightly and renamed the beer Summertime Citra Ale. Same base recipe, same packaging, just a new name and a little extra Citra kick. You can try it in 16oz cans, 12-packs of 12oz cans, and in the NEW Clam Shack Summer Variety Pack along side our Lager and Del’s shandy!

Summertime Hops and Grain small