Sep 2013

New England Americana Festival

Any roots music lover will tell you that Cambridge, MA has been a breeding ground and focal point of traditional American music for generations. The musicians, venues, and fans from and traveling through Cambridge over the years have paved a way of camaraderie, support, and yes, even a little love for all those who follow.

Each year, with Cambridge as its modest host, the New England Americana Festival takes Harvard Square, the heart of the city, by storm. The 3-day Festival features well over 50 local music acts on various stages and venues around the Square. Atop the non-stop musical performances, the Festival is accompanied by local non-profit organizations, raffle prizes, the occasional burlesque performance by local theatre troops, and much more.

Narragansett has been a proud supporter of this festival and organization since it’s inception. We’re looking forward to seeing some of our long-time favorite artists return as well as some new ones. Here’s the steallar lineup so far:

Fiddlin’ Quinn & the Big Folks Band
Jenee Halstead
Jeff Byrd & Dirty Finch
Chasing Blue
Patrick Coman & the Low Fi Angels
Three Day Threshold
Tigerman WOAH
Rick Berlin & the Nickel & Dime Band
Mallett Brothers Band
Sam Otis Hill & Co.
Susan Cattaneo
Whiskey Boys
Dan Blakeslee & the Calabash Club
Whiskey Kill
Mark Kilianski & the Moonshine Ramblers
Highway Ghosts
Erin Harpe & The Delta Swingers
Eva Walsh
Michelle Lewis
Bean Pickers Union
Dietrich Strauss
Brian McKenzie
John Colvert & the Great Brighton Fire
Dennis Brennan
Old Jack
Ian Fitzgerald
Hayley Jane & the Primates
Cold Chocolate
Black Marmot
Brendan Hogan
Liz Frame & the Kickers
Sean Morceau
Tad Overbaugh
Casey Abrams
Roy Sludge
Field Effect
Mark Whitaker
David Gallagher
Waiting for Neil
Coyote Kolb
Kieran Ridge Band
Girls Guns & Glory
Sarah Blacker
Ryan Fitzsimmons
Eric Royer’s One Man Band
Sonny Jim
Brian Carroll
Evan Gavry
Sam Reid & the Riot Act
Cask Mouse
Jimmy Ryan & Hayride
Tony Savarino & the Savtones
Danielle Miaglia
North of Nashville

For the complete schedule, tickets and more info visit newenglandamericana.com or click here!

“On some nights I still believe that a car with the gas needle on empty can run about fifty more miles if you have the right music very loud on the radio.”
― Hunter S. Thompson