Sep 2013

Celebrate #PilsDay On October 5th

Get ready for #PilsDay this year. Celebrate the 171st anniversary of the first pilsner beer being brewed in Pilsen, Bohemia, known today as the Czech-Republic. October 5th, 1842 marks the glorious day that the first pale-golden lager was presented and enjoyed. Bavarian brewer Josef Groll used new techniques, paler malts, Pilsen’s remarkably soft water, local Saaz noble hops from Zatec and the Bavarian-style layering to produce a golden beer that was refreshing and sensational. Ever since then, breweries such as Narragansett have been continuing on this tradition with craft brews such as our Bohemian Pils. So next Saturday, October 5th, raise a glass of Pils to toast the beer that started it all. #PilsDay


Looking for ways to celebrate?


1. Attend a Brew Fest or tasting, or other beer event where Pils is being served

2. Enjoy a Pils at your local tavern and pair it with foods such as salmon, brats, mild cheddar cheeses, or sweet desserts with lemon and fresh berries

3. Find some Pils at your local store and enjoy with friends

4. Use #PilsDay when posting photos and talking about the pilsner beer you are enjoying on Instagram/Twitter etc.

Here are some of ‘Gansett’s events for #PilsDay:


Bohemian Pils pint night at Uno’s Providence Place Mall 9-11p

Smoke in the Valley Brewfest and Chili Challenge – 12-$:30pm – Downtown Seymour, CT

Bohemian Pils tasting at Macy’s Liquors, 1826 Centre St, West Roxbury, MA – 4-6p

Bohemian Pils tasting at Kappy’s in West Roxbury, MA – 6:15-8:15p

Pig Roast Extravagansett at Miller’s Crossing in Cranston, RI 5-7p

Bohemian Pils tasting at Market Fine Wine & Spirits, 1412 Atwood Ave, Johnston, RI 5-7p

Fall Beer Fest featuring Bohemian Pils at Kappys, 21 Spring Bars Rd, Falmouth, MA 2-5p

Check out the history of Pilsner from the expert himself, Michael Jackson!