Aug 2013

Crush It Like Quint: 1975 Throwback Cans Are Back

Crush a 1975 ‘Gansett throwback can while you watch Shark Week  in honor of Robert Shaw, aka Captain Quint.  The famous Jaws actor would have been 86 tomorrow.  So we’re reintroducing a 1970s can design featured in the movie ‘‘Jaws.’’

This design depicting a ship and a red diagonal stripe is being re-released temporarily in honor of the Discovery Channel’s ‘‘Shark Week,’’ which began Sunday. In the 1975 film, Capt. Sam Quint, the shark hunter played by the late Robert Shaw, crushes a can of ‘Gansett with one hand to intimidate the oceanographer, Matt Hooper played by Richard Dreyfuss.

Look for this limited-edition can inside all 30pks, 18pks and 12pks at your participating retailer today.