Jul 2013

Wall Of Fame: World’s Largest JAWS Collector

Love JAWS as much as we do? Check out Jim Beller’s collection in this short interview from Providence Monthly’s article The World’s Largest JAWS Collector Resides in PVD by Tony Pacitti.

FROM PROVIDENCEONLINE.COM: Jaws was not only the first true summer blockbuster, it is the greatest summer blockbuster. Say what you will about anything that followed in its wake, nothing comes close to a film that scared a nation out of the water. Jaws is the undisputed king of the summertime silver screen, and on a more personal level for us New Englandahs, it’s the perfect New England movie.

Providence’s own Jim Beller agrees with a passion. Thirty-eight years and thousands of items later – check out JawsCollector.com for a look at his impressive collection – Jim is known throughout the land as the guy for all things Amity Island. He’s also co-author of the book Jaws: Memories From Martha’s Vineyard, which details the film’s production from the perspective of the islanders who were a part of it.

An interview with Jim Beller, Jaws Collector from Tony Pacitti on Vimeo.