Jun 2013

38th Anniversary Of JAWS

The first ever summer blockbuster, JAWS, was originally released in theaters 38 years ago today. Ever since then, beach goers everywhere have been afraid to go in the water. Fear of that great white shark coming up and biting them. Just kidding. Aside from being our favorite film, it was filmed on location in our backyard of Martha’s Vineyard. Which made the setting for the fictional Amity Island. The location added to the authenticity of the film. After watching the special features on thew new Bluray, you learn that it was one of the first films Universal allowed to be filmed outside of their sound stage. The young director, 28 y/o Spielberg, was robbed of the Oscar for this one. But seriously, Quint could certainly crush a can of ‘Gansett. So we re-enacted the scene with our Vine (@Gansettbeer). It’s a 6 second loop of crack, chug, and CRUSH! Kick back with the film on Bluray tonight and enjoy a ‘Gansett of your own. Then “crush it like Quint!”