Apr 2013

What The Hell Is Cream Ale?

Drinkable like a lager, satisfying like an ale, and made with absolutely no cream – Cream Ale has remained a mystery to far too many beer drinkers for far too long – but we’re here to change that.

The fact of the matter is, even if you think you know what Cream Ale is, you’re probably wrong.

Truth be told, back in the day Cream Ales didn’t taste light. Cream Ales weren’t even the slightest bit creamy. And Cream Ales were NOT made the way a lot of the other guys make them today.

When Cream Ale was first created (before Prohibition, mind you) it was made to taste somewhere in-between a lager and an ale, when straight-forward lagers and ales were predominant. It was an innovative drink style for a much more rugged age that made a drinkable, yet satisfying, beer. It was the kind of beer your great-grandfather would’ve drank after a long day – your great-grandmother too, probably – and Narragansett has revived that tradition.

All malt-based and double-hopped, ‘Gansett Cream Ale has that extra pop of hop bitterness that was found in cream ales throughout the early 20th Century. No adjuncts (fillers,) no lager-yeast (that’s better left for lagers.) Just straight from the barrel taste of days gone by.

Narragansett’s pre-Prohibition, craft style Cream Ale – now this is cream ale.

Post a photo of yourself with a ‘Gansett Cream Ale and hashtag it #ThisIsCreamAle and you could win ‘Gansett Gear!

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