Feb 2013

Reviews: The Kitchn On ‘Gansett Bock

Beer Review: Bock from Narragansett Beer

From The Kitchn: Beer Sessions Blog by Emma Christensen.

Bless Narragansett for brewing a traditional Helles Bock for the traditional welcoming of spring! Granted, spring might still feel rather far off for most of us (despite the groundhog’s prediction), but this honey-hued and honey-scented lager will help make those warmer days feel just a tad bit closer.

Beer Details: Bock from Narragansett Beer Co., Providence, RI (Bavarian helles bock, 6.5% ABV, 32 IBUs)

Appearance: Hazy sunset orange with a long lasting head of creamy foam and some mighty impressive lacing down the sides of the glass.

Aroma: I get pure honey, through and through. Sweet, sticky honey.

Taste: The honey aroma translates directly into the flavor. It’s nectar-sweet and with a touch of astringency at the end, just like swallowing a spoonful of raw honey. Lots of bread-like flavors, too. Think: fresh wheat bread smeared with honey butter. The hops are soft and lingering, a grassy and herbal undertone through the finish.

A mighty tasty beer and a mighty fine example of a springtime helles bock. This isn’t a style you see very often, and it’s doubly nice when it’s done well.

Food Pairing: This beer is versatile enough to go with a plate of brats or a spring greens salad, but the pairing that makes the most sense to me is with fish. A nice flaky fillet, basted with butter and sprinkled with fresh herbs would be just the ticket with the soft flavors of this bock.

Have you tried this beer? What are your thoughts?