Feb 2013

Reviews: Brew England On ‘Gansett Bock

Tuesday Night Tasting: Narragansett – Helles Bock Lager
From BrewEngland.blogspot.com

Narragansett Beer – Providence, RI
Helles Bock Lager – Spring Seasonal
6.5% ABV, 32 IBU, 16 oz. can

Over the past few years, Narragansett has introduced several seasonal beers to go along with the perennial New England go-to for tall boy needs ‘Gansett Lager. The Narragansett Bock was originally brewed in 1912, two months before Fenway Park opened its gates for the first time!

The Narragansett Bock pours a vibrant dark golden hue with a short off-white foamy head. We normally drink all of our ‘Gansetts straight out of the can, but wanted to show the color and head. The Helles Bock gives off a nice, subtle malty sweet aroma. It also has gentle floral aromatic hop notes.

The flavor definitely backs up the aroma, as the Bock is surprisingly sweet, resting on its malty backbone. It has a pleasant crispness to it, and features a lingering malty aftertaste. It has a moderate to full mouthfeel, and finishes clean, but only somewhat dry in our opinion.

We give the Bock Spring Seasonal a medium to high drinkability level. After all, most Narragansett beers are incredibly drinkable, which gives this brewing company its high appeal. You can easily put down, 1, 2, or event three pints with ease, especially seeing how the ABV level is fairly moderate.