Feb 2013

In The News: Time Out New York Features ‘Gansett

Time Out New York just featured Narragansett in the “Guide to Beer” section of their latest issue, NYC’s Greatest Beer. We took a snap shot above. In their Out with the old, in with the brew feature they mention how Narragansett is the new PBR. Notice the nice artist’s rendition of our Cream Ale can. Here’s what they had to say:

From Williamsburg lounges (Donna) to East Village bistros (Calliope), this classic New England lager is the nouveau brew of choice for penny-pinching twentysomethings. Clean and well-balanced, the $4 tall boy is cheap enough to have supplanted the watery, tired hipster icon—a fact we expect few to shed tears over.

Then in their Best beer cans for summer feature they kick things off with a Narragansett Lager tall boy. Here’s what they had to say:

There’s no shame in reaching for an easy, all-American lager when the sun’s beating down on you: This New England classic bests its nostalgia-baiting competition (PBR, Genesee) with a crisp, smooth body and dry finish. • Available at Growler Station, 26 W 8th St between Fifth Ave and MacDougal St (212-777-2337, growler-station.com/nyc). 16-ounce can $1.39.

Check out TimeOutNewYork.com for more.