Jan 2013

Little Dog Has Helper Push Him Around In Vintage ‘Gansett Wagon

We’re calling this The Adventures of Bear Bear and Maurice. Bear pushes Maurice around in the vintage ‘Gansett wagon just about every where. You have to watch this video. It was sent to us by our neighbors working on videos for the band, Benny Sizzler. Check out their Youtube for more. Here’s more on the stars themselves:

Bear is a shelter adoptee from the excellent North Country Animal Shelter in Malone, NY. (http://members.petfinder.com/~NY112/index.html). He was found as a stray wandering near the federal prison. Maurice Cheeks is a shelter adoptee from the Potter League in Middletown, RI (http://potterleague.org). He was found wandering the streets of South Philly. Bear Bear learns happily with reward-based clicker training taught to us by Betty Laurin of Betty’s TLC Dog Training in Middletown, RI. Bear is a registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs Inc. Maurice relishes his role as a certified straight man for all of Bear’s antics.