Dec 2012

Year In Review: ‘Gansett’s Top 12 Of 2012

12. First Tall Boy Flight Pack

For the first time ever, Narragansett released a Tall Boy Tasting Flight 12 pack for the 2012 Fall season. Not only is this Gansett’s first variety pack, but it may be the first ever tall boy can variety pack of any kind. This beauty features 3 cans each of our award winning Lager, Cream Ale, Fest and Bock beers. It was available in package stores throughout Southern New England and New York City for about $14.99 each. These were only out for a limited time.
11. Collaboration with Tasty Skateboards and Anarchy Eyewear

Shred with this awesome deck from Tasty Skateboards. These became available on our online store in August and there are still a few left. Click here to purchase yours today. Each comes numbered and only 200 were made. They won’t be making more. So whether you skate or just want to hang this on your wall, don’t wait. Tasty had a ton of pre-orders and these are almost gone. Comes complete with a custom coozie and bumper sticker. Then get some stylish new shades. In the Spring, two local brands joined forces to create the greatest summertime combo since tube tops and daisy dukes. Narragansett and Anarchy Eyewear were pleased to unleash the 2012 “Hi-Neighbor!” Specialty Frame. Supplies are limited and there are a few left so grab one before you grab your next ‘Gansett!

10. Top 20 Independent Craft Brewer in New England

This year Narragansett cracked the top 20 craft brewers in New England. Thanks to everyone for enjoying our classic lagers and crafts this year. Looking forward to many more craft brews in 2013.
9. PBN Named Narragansett One Of The Fastest Growing & Innovative Companies in RI

Providence Business News held the Fastest Growing & Innovative Company’s award ceremony in September where Narragansett Brewing was proudly honored. PBN named Narragansett the 4th fastest growing company in RI in the $5million-$25million annual revenue category. This came after we appeared on Inc. magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in America. PBN also recognized us for our innovative marketing strategy which has attributed to our growth. Thank you to all of our customers and of course you for drinking your part and helping us achieve this great effort. We couldn’t have done it without you. Our next milestone will be the opening of the new brewery.
8. Video: The Story Of The Narragansett Brewing Company


7. 45th Largest Brewing Company in America based on 2011 sales volume from Brewer’s Association


In April, the Brewers Association named Narragansett the 45th largest overall brewing company in America. The not-for-profit trade group that tabulates production statistics for U.S. breweries—today released its annual lists of the top 50 craft and overall brewing companies in the U.S., based on 2011 beer sales volume. Of the top 50 overall brewing companies, 36 are small and independent craft brewing companies.

6. Bloomberg TV reports on the Narragansett Beer revival.

5. Crush It Like Quint! Retro Cans!

The limited edition retro cans were available in package stores just after the 4th of July and in time for the release of JAWS on Blu-Ray. They featured our award winning lager beer and only in 18 packs of 12oz cans.These were only available for a limited time, but some stores might still be selling them. This is the same design the brewery used for their labels throughout the 1970?s and it is the same can that Quint crushes in JAWS. To celebrate, we also ran a “Crush It Like Quint” contest where fans were encouraged to recreate the memorable scene to the best of their ability with this can. Click here to see the winner.
4. ‘Gansett’s Global Expansion Continued

Mark tapping the first keg in Albany at Mill on Round Lake


You heard it right. Well the northeast and great lakes expansion continued anyway. In 2012, Narragansett Beer expanded distribution into the Capital and Upstate regions of New York, all of New Jersey, Wisconsin and DC.  We’ll be updating our Where To Buy list as soon as we know the bars and stores to carry our famous beer. So if you live in one of these areas, ask for ‘Gansett in your favorite spots today and feel free to let us know which bars and package stores you want ‘Gansett in.
3. Great International Beer Festival Competition Awards

It came with great pride that for Narragansett received more medals in 2012 for our family of classic lagers and crafts. The Great International Beer Festival was held in Providence on November 3 and with it came the highly entered beer competition. We enter it every year since 2006 and this was the 4th year we’ve won. This year we took home 3 medals. Our Light won bronze in the Lager Ale – Mixed Styles category. Our Porter won silver in the Robust Porter Category. And our Lager won gold in the Premium Lager category. We were truly honored to win these awards and thanks to everyone involved in this year’s festival. Looking forward to the next one in 2013.

2. Cream Ale

In February, we released our newest year-round craft beer, Narragansett Cream Ale. This pre-prohibition session Cream Ale delivers an extra pop of hop bitterness found only in cream ales of the early 20th Century, with quality ingredients like 2-row pale, Munich, Vienna, and Cara-malt for a creamy head. Enjoy some today on tap or in the signature 16oz tall boy can. Just look for it on the shelves of your local package store or favorite watering hole. If you don’t see it, just ask the store or bar to carry and let us know where you want it. Click here to learn more about ‘Gansett Cream Ale.

1. 122nd Anniversary Imperial IPA

To top the year off right, we celebrate our storied 122 years in business with the limited-edition Imperial IPA. Released in a 22-ounce bomber bottle, the IPA is chock-full of references to Narragansett’s anniversary. The label is styled after an early Private Stock Ale label used by the company when they began brewing ales in the late 1890s, which underscores ‘Gansett’s heritage as one of the original craft brewers in New England.

Narragansett Imperial IPA was crafted with the best of American and German ingredients, to reflect the great history and legacy behind the brand.  We used American 2-row pale malt as the base for this beer, and German Specialty malts to build the back bone and flavor profile of this beer.

Summit hops were used for all the kettle hopping, and then we used a mix of Northern Brewers, Hallertau, Tettanager, and Sazz hops at a rate of 2 lb.’s per bbl for our dry hopping.  This Imperial IPA will weigh in at 8.6 percent ABV with a target IBU of 122 to reflect the age of Gansett as a company.

Narragansett Imperial IPA is brewed under the supervision of award-winning Brewmaster Sean Larkin at Trinity Brew House in Providence, R.I. It will be  available for purchase for a limited time throughout all of New England, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia. Ask for it at your local package store today.

This beer embodies the Gansett story…6 German Immigrants living the American dream by building a New England brewing empire. Celebrate with us!