Dec 2012

This Day In History: Narragansett Beer’s 122nd Anniversary

On this day in 1890, the first Narragansett Beer was brewed. That’s 122 years of beer history and here’s what the old Rhode Island brewery looked like in those early years. Thanks to Greg Theberge for sending it along. Today, Narragansett is the only beer in New England that can trace their heritage back so far. Also being one of the first breweries around here to brew craft beer like cream ale, porter, bock and eventually IPA with Ballantine’s India Pale Ale. Thank you all for the support and we look forward to many more years of enjoying classic lagers and crafts with everyone. These are the good hours and this is what Hi Neighbor is all about. So on December 29th, let’s all enjoy a Narragansett Beer and say, “Hi Neighbor!”