Dec 2012

Band Of The Week: Sharks Come Cruisin’

Anchors, sails or pints, we’re gonna raise up something tonight! Inspired by Quint’s rendition of ‘Spanish Ladies’ in the film Jaws, Sharks Come Cruisin’ combines traditional songs of sailing, whaling, drinking and sinking with drums, bass, guitar and lots of hollering. No wonder why they are playing our 122nd Anniversary Party. Sharks Come Cruisin’ are quite possibly the most fun band to see live. The energy from both the crowd and the band will keep the venue alive through the night. They put que cards so new fans can sing along as a well and the only way to chant is by hoisting a ‘Gansett in the air. Sharks Come Cruisin’ plays an energetic mix of original and traditional sing-along songs, keeping the themes of audience participation and celebration at the center of their music and live performances. SCC has been compared to the Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly and The Pogues and they have been described as sea shanty punk, Irish punk and folk punk.So don’t miss them on Friday, December 28th at The Met in Pawtucket for our 122nd Anniversary Party. Doors are at 6pm and you can get ticket info online at TheMetRI.com.