Nov 2012

Hurricane Sandy: The Aftermath

We’re glad to hear that so many neighbors made it through Hurricane Sandy safely. But with the Northeast hit as hard as it was, millions are affected in someway. Lives have been lost, a historic ship went down and the flooding and downed trees have left millions without power. Homes were washed away and some local businesses were hit hard. The local news in RI showed several photos of the damage including places familiar to Narragansett Beer like the Coast Guard House, Wharf Tavern, Andrea Hotel and more. And not to mention the devastation that occurred elsewhere like in neighboring New York and New Jersey.  At times like this everyone needs to come together and help their neighbors.  Clean-up isn’t easy, but we’ll all make it through. Our thoughts go out to all who were affected by this super storm. Here’s to the first responders on the ground and Coast Guard at sea for helping some many through these tough times. Here are some photos and articles on Sandy’s affects.

ProJo reports on the clean-up in South County, RI.

NBC 10’s continuous updates and photos on the aftermath of Sandy in the Northeast.

Washington Post’s report on the loss of the HMS Bounty.

If you’re looking for ways to help those in need, then here are some great links to check out for those affected in NYC.