Nov 2012

Brewing Our 122nd Anniversary Imperial IPA

Many of you know that we’re release an Imperial IPA to commemorate our 122nd anniversary. Proud to say this beer is just about ready and tasting delicious. Everyone is going to love it. Craft brewed to perfection in it’s hoppy glory. Right now it’s being bottled in 22oz bombers. Mark has been there every step of the way during the brewing process. So we’d like to share some of the photos. Above is the first bottle off the line and below is more from the brewing process. Look for more info on this brew coming soon.

Bringing in the malt and getting it in place for milling and mashing.

Checking the wort as it gets ready to boil.

Testing the batch in a growler to see if it’s ready for filtering and carbonation.

Filling the 22oz bottles.