Sep 2012

Gansett Partners With BevBucks In NY

BevBucks.com, a group buying website specializing in alcohol beverage industry promotions, has partnered with Narragansett Beer to help promote the brewer’s Narragansett Lager distribution to the New York market.

BevBucks.com has negotiated with New York bars and restaurants to create a targeted sampling drive for Narragansett Lager draught in over 20 locations in New York and Connecticut. As part of the promotion, BevBucks.com is reciprocating site visitors with special offers which can be redeemed at participating bars and restaurants. The promotion runs at most locations from Sept. 26th through Oct. 10th.

“We’re thrilled about the opportunity to work with Narragansett to help promote its products and establish its brand locally,” said Dan Miller, president of BevBucks. “This provides our subscriber base the chance to try a new product at no cost, and our advertising partners will no doubt benefit from the increased foot traffic at their businesses, all while building brand recognition for Narragansett.”

“BevBucks provides a unique opportunity to leverage our brand in New York,” said Jim Crooks, VP of sales and marketing for Narragansett Brewing Co. “Narragansett’s selection of American Heritage beers has been well-established in other regions with over 120 years of success, but many New York residents will likely be sampling it for the first time locally.”

BevBucks.com serves alcohol suppliers, wholesalers, retail partners and consumer subscribers in New York and Connecticut. The website offers its partners an opportunity to better target their markets through co-branded promotional offers with bars and off-premise retailers. Narragansett Beer is being distributed locally by Union Distribution, New York’s largest craft beer distributor.

BevBucks.com, an ecommerce retailer, operates exclusively with the alcoholic beverage industry to promote its partners to a regional subscriber base. The website features advertisements from 3rd Party onsite and off-premise retailers including bars, restaurants, clubs, spirits distillers, breweries, wineries and distributors. For more information: BevBucks.com.