Aug 2012

Summer Is Too Good To Miss

So why would you let it go now? Summer’s not over yet. According the calendar it’s really over on September 21st. So what if the Sox aren’t going to make the playoffs. The weather is still nice out and there’s tons to do. Still plenty of time to hit the beaches and enjoy a cookout with friends and family. Swellinfo.com is reporting some decent waves coming Sunday and Monday. Better wax up that board and get ready to shred. Some of the best surfing has yet to begin.  You’ll want to remember these moments during the dark days of winter. And with this heat and humidity, are you really ready for fall flavors? Our Summer Ale is still fresh and tasting as crisp as ever. Lots of the bars serving our Summer Ale are throwing some great events coming up and the stores are still stocked with cold refreshing tall boys. So grab some Gansett Summer Ale and let’s toast one of the best summers ever.

This was where it all began!