Apr 2012

Weekend Recap: New England Metal And Hardcore Festival


The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival was this weekend at the Worcester Palladium. You bet your bottom dollar that Gansett was there. Killswitch Engage and Unearth were throwing back some beers during their signing. They topped the weekend off perfectly with an epic set and the return of original vocalist, Jesse Leach. Tall Boy got in on the action and might need some recovery time today. During Every Time I Die’s set, singer Keith Buckley announced that a giant can of beer was coming towards the stage. So some fans hoisted up Tall Boy and he crowd surfed his way to the front. Let’s just say the bouncers had their hands full. Beer, sweat, and metal. That’s what this weekend was all about. In the end this was all that was left:

Palladium floor at the end of the night. Please remember to recycle.

Killswitch Engage signing autographs and throwing back Gansetts.

Tall Boy crowd surfing during Every Time I Die. Not the best shot, but gets the point across.