Apr 2012

Record Store Day

“If you ever get lonely, just go the record store and visit your friends.” Words to live by from Miss Penny Lane in Crowe’s Almost Famous. One of my all time favorite lines because it’s so true. I could spend hours in a record store. Sorting throw bins upon bins of records. Each one individual in their own way. From the smell of the press, to the artwork, and of course that song that just hits so close to home it means more to you than anything, there’s nothing better than playing your favorite vinyl record. It’s like when you pick up a gem you haven’t listened to for ages and you remember why you feel in love with it the first time. It’s sitting on the porch enjoying a ‘Gansett with your best friend Presley and listening to the howl of good ‘ole Hank with the scratches in between. It’s falling in love all over again. Yes, these are the good hours ladies and gentleman. And it’s all about, “living, loving, she’s just a woman.” So get out there this weekend and visit your favorite record store. What Cheer Records, Newbury Comics, In Your Ear, Armageddon Shop, and so many more. Leave us a comment and tell us what some of your favorite records and stores are. I’ll leave you with this classic that was recorded over 60 years ago and still sounds pristine.