Mar 2012

Weekend Recap: SXSW And Newport St. Patrick’s Day Parade

You probably saw via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even text, that SXSW was the place to be last week. This year, we decided to get down on the excitement. Together with Sailor Jerry rum and Urban Outfitters, Gansett made a short and sweet appearance in Austin. Fans were able to enjoy Gansett tall boys at the UO Live in Austin tent thanks to Urban Outfitters. They posted some epic photos on their Tumblr (UOLIVEINAUSTIN) which we were able to grab and share with everyone. Some of our favorite bands and New Englanders like the RSL Blog, The Weekly Dig, Boston Phoenix, the Wandas, Herra Terra, She Rides, Casey Desmond, Gentlemen Hall, Bad Rabbits, Stereo Telescope, and tons more were there too. So there was no shortage of friendly neighbors to keep the party going all day and night. It was like Spring Break for musicians with 70 degree sunny weather, live music in literally every venue/street corner/sidewalk you can think of, and lots of beer. We lived off of the Korean BBQ taco truck and barely slept. This week is going to be rough.

Back home the St. Patrick’s Day festivities were in full swing. We had a float again in the Newport St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday. Our fleet, accompanied by Clammie, Tall Boy, Gansett Girls, and some new inspiring Gansett Girls to be, was cheered on by all those out celebrating the day. Then of course it continued on in bars in Newport and even back in Providence. The sun broke through early afternoon and it concluded to be a great day. Check out the photos from this and SXSW below.