Mar 2012

This Weekend: Two Great Nights Of Sharks Come Cruisin’

Who doesn’t love a good sing along? We’re all about it. Especially when Sharks Come Cruisin’ are on stage with their giant cue cards. We all have two chances to see them this weekend. Or you could always hit up both shows and be the super fan. They’re at Ralph’s Diner tonight in Worcester with The Great Whiskey Rebellion. We can just imagine how this is going to be. Then they’re back in Providence on St. Patrick’s Day night for their annual Extravagansett at The Box. Their filming it again, but this time they are getting a live recording of the performance including the crowd. So don’t be that guy with the lips moving pretending your singing. Sing along and make this the best damn St. Patrick’s day ever. You don’t want to miss this: Here’s to swimmin’ with bow-legged women!