Mar 2012

Reviews: Two Girls One Beer Blog On Gansett Bock

Two Girls One Beer Blog review of Narragansett Bock

By. Ashleigh Bennet

I know this winter has been pathetic by New England standards, my snowboard is still sitting in the basement, I don’t think I’ve needed gloves, but goddammit, it’s still winter. Only, the presence of the Narragansett Spring Bock on the shelves made me realize that no, no, no, it’s moving into spring territory and winter simply passed us by this year.

I’m not ready for spring beers. As much as I’m loathe to the cold, it was (supposed) to be a constant. It’s kind of messing with my mental sense of seasons. Drinking a spring beer before having to shovel out my car? Driving down the road with the windows cracked watching butterflies fly around and flowers bloom while listening to this?:

It just doesn’t seem right! But so it goes.

I’ve tried all the Narragansett seasonals except for this one, I was really excited to finally be able to try the Narragansett Bock, 6.5%/abv. It’s brewed in Bavarian helles lager style, and has been since 1930. It pours clear, and is a dark golden color. The white head is about an inch thick and leaves lacing on the glass as you drink.

It smells, well, springy. There’s a nice warm, sweet malt smell, which is offset by hops.

It has a bread and honey taste, the malts are definitely the most noticeable aspect with the hops faintly kicking in. It’s not bitter by any means despite the presence of the hops. It finishes with a grassy and crisp finish, the hops are what kicks in towards the middle, leaving you with a taste far lighter than the sweet taste you begin with. Despite how clear and refreshing it tastes, it’s a full-bodied beer, very filling.

All in all, I’d say it fits the profile of a helles bock pretty well. And for $8.99/6 pack, it’s a pretty good bargain.