Mar 2012

Reviews: Parched No More On Cream Ale

Parched No More’s review of Narragansett Cream Ale

by J Frazzetta

There is something to be said for seeing a package of beer waiting on your doorstep when you’ve been away at a sales meeting for a week.  And that something is: hooray beer!  Our friends down at the old Gansett Brewery decided to send me a few cans for experimenting.  Last fall, there was a poll out there for either a Rye Ale or Cream Ale to be brewed this spring, and you’ll never guess which one was picked.  Nice try, but it was the Cream Ale.  Enough jabbering, Avid Reader, let’s get to brass tacks.

Since this is a tall boy can, I had to bust out the big pint glass and make sure the beer had been chilled for some time.  I’ve had some other cream ales before, and you might say to yourself: what is the big difference between this and most other beers?  The answer is pretty simple.  First, a cream ale will have a light golden body, often a very foamy head, and some subtle malt flavor that is super smooth.  All of these characteristics come into play when we talk about the Gansett Cream Ale.

This beer was at its best cold and was smooth as ever.  Most people will turn up their nose at canned beers, but there are some brewers out there that put some excellent product in a can.  I’ve had some pretty amazing wine in a box that I’d drink over most domestic beers.  Getting back to it, folks, there was a little hop flavor riding along too that made this beer pretty irresistible.

There are times when you have to mix things together, so I poured myself a shot of Bulleit Bourbon and chased it with a bit of the Cream Ale, and found that to be quite rewarding after a long day.  The beer was smooth enough that it put out the flames of bourbon racing to my stomach.  If you are looking to expand your horizons and need something easy to drink, I suggest giving this brew a chance.