Mar 2012

Reviews: Craft Cans On Gansett Cream Ale

Narragansett Cream Ale review from CraftCans.com:

Last fall, Narragansett held a fan vote to decide which style would be the newest addition to their year-round lineup. The contest was between a Cream Ale and a Rye Ale. Obviously the Cream Ale won which is why we’re holding a can right now. This is the brewery’s third year round-round release, joining their Lager and Light Lager. We were in touch with Haley Rose, who does PR for Narragansett, about the imagery on the can (below). She let us know that “the building is the Rhode Island state house. The building’s inclusion is meant to show the connection to RI, and the beer wagon pays homage to the days when Cream Ale was flowing strong and steady in the 60s, 70s.” Cheers Haley!

Rhode Island's state house and a beer wagon are featured on the can

Here we go…

Pour – lighter golden with plenty of bubble action forming a nice white foamy head which leaves some finely formed lacing. Clean and clear with some very solid carbonation.

Aroma – steeped grains, cereal, honeycomb and slight hints of citrus. Some notes of bread dough and ripe apples. 

Taste – light on the tongue, effervescent, slightly sweet with a grainy tanginess, hints of lemon zest with a creamy finish. Its not a lager and its not an amber ale. Its not hoppy and its not too malty. It fits in somewhere between and makes for a very middle ground brew to stock the cooler for any backyard get together or group camping trip.  

Overall – very refreshing and definitely a great option on those upcoming warm days outside relaxing or for sips during yardwork. Easy drinking, crisp and tasty. Looking forward to having these as an option all summer…and beyond.