Jan 2012

Vintage: Track 10 From Narragansett’s Jingle Demos Record


Listen to track 10

We’ve been blogging about this record coming our way with unreleased jingles from the 50′s for a few weeks now. Well guess what? We’re going to start using them in our radio ads soon. Keep your ears open for this one on BRU. Our favorite line is “your refreshing invitation to that tingling taste sensation.” We were able to record the vinyl and create digital copies. Above is track 5. And just to add we kind of like the vintage vibe the crackling noise gives off. Makes you feel like you’re listening to the old time record. Researching the record a little more we found that the Marketing Agency, Cunningham & Walsh, who created these came together in 1950. Judging by the nature of the instruments used, vocals, and song writing, it’s quite clear that this was record in the early 50′s. Click here to learn more about the ad agency on AdAge.com. Until the next jingle, we leave you with, “Relax, refresh, have a Gansett, Have a Gansett, Have a Gansett!”