Jan 2012

Sox Pitchers Drinking Gansett With Their Popeye’s

Image courtesy of fuckyeahrhodeisland.com

The Boston Herald ran an article last week about the Boston Red Sox moving on from last season. In it, catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia was quoted saying pitchers were goofing off eating Popeye’s and ‘Gansett. Here’s what the Herald reported:

With last season’s chicken and beer-soaked debacle in the rearview mirror, catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia says the 2012 team is ready to take the field and win back the respect of Red Sox [team stats] Nation.

“I think the guys handled it extremely well,” Salty told the Track. “I don’t think they’re proud of the way things ended, but they’re not going to look back, they’re ready to move forward.”

The 26-year-old backstop said he thinks a lot of the Animal (Club)House blather was blown out of proportion and that the pitchers who were reportedly goofing off with Popeye’s andGansett during games were “prepared every day” and ready to work.

Now we can’t use any Sox trademarks or anything and we didn’t condone any of this behavior, but we are glad to hear they enjoyed a Gansett with their Popeye’s. We noticed FuckYeahRhodeIsland.com posted the above image around tumblr and twitter and had this to say:

I don’t see what the big deal about the guys having a few ‘Gansetts during the game…baseball & beer go hand in hand. Tossing a few back makes these MLB players much more approachable from a fan standpoint. I think it was a great marketing campaign & proud to see a company like Narragansett catch a bump from it…

Can’t wait for April. Hi Neighbor!

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