Sep 2011

The Recovery Of Gansett Tall Boy

Tall Boy has been returned to us safely. We can’t make this shit up. Providence resident, Chris called us late last week saying he had the Tall Boy suit and wants to return him to us. We absolutely needed an explanation. Apparently he had a party the day of our Neighbor Day Block Party and living close to Luongo Square lots of folks swung by after the block party. One group appeared drunk and was bragging that they had Tall Boy and prancing around the party with the suit on. Chris didn’t feel right about it and when the opportunity arose, he took the suit and locked it in his basement until he could get it back to the rightful owner. he claims he has no relation to the thieves and wouldn’t know how to contact them. After seeing the missing flier he called us and told us the story. So we went over to his place to see if he was telling the truth. It all checked out as you can see from the above video and we gave Chris a case of beer to reward him of this good deed. Now that’s being neighborly. I’m telling you we can’t make this up. A huge thank you to everyone who helped spread the word on this. NBC 10, RI Monthly, The Rhode Show and everyone else who posted the flier and shared Mark’s PSA video. It’s because of all those efforts that Tall Boy is safely back in Narragansett’s possession. Home where he belongs. Hi Neighbor, Have a Gansett.