Jul 2011

Vintage Friday: Rare Gansett Sign On Ebay!

This is awesome and rare. One of the first we’ve seen pop up on eBay and other vintage shops. It’s a large Narragansett beer sign with a cool deer hunting image on it from the 40’s. The shield logo in the bottom right corner is what inspired our packaging today. This sign could be yours and is available on eBay. Click here to view more photos and make a bid in eBay now. Here’s more about the piece from the seller:

I am born and raised in Rhode Island and when Narragansett Beer was brewed in Cranston, it was the only beer I drank. I actually had three Uncles who worked at the brewery, so Narragansett was a Family Beer. Over the years I have owned and sold many Narragansett Beer advertising. Rhodes Island is the source! In all these years I have never seen another example like the large 1930-40s Narragansett Barroom Sign I am listing tonight. The original wood frame measures 28 ¼” tall by 44” long and the 23 ½” by 38 ½” cardboard sign has always been attached to this frame. The scene depicts three hunters, who were about to have a beer, are startled by a 10 point Buck looking right at them. At first glance I thought this was a Winchester Sign, because of the box of shells in the lower left hand corner. It does have that look and may have been printed by the same company. You can see in the close-up photographs that this antique Beer Sign is in remarkable condition. It is so difficult to find cardboard signs in this condition. The colors are still strong and there is only one tiny rub to the lower right hand corner Narragansett Logo. …… There is No reserve and you will find details down below about a possible Free delivery. …… Please, check back every once in a while. You never know what you might find listed without any reserve. Possible FREE Delivery!…… I live Rhode Island and travel between southern New Hampshire and Eastern Maryland almost every week. I would gladly meet the high bidder anywhere along my route, and deliver this large Beer Sign for free. Please contact me for my scheduled route down Route 95 from Southern New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Southern New York, New Jersey (New Jersey Turnpike) into Northern Delaware and down the Eastern Side of Maryland. … If a meeting is not possible we can pack this large sign properly. Please send your Zip Code and I will quote you exact shipping costs by emailing us between Monday through Friday 9-5 EST for shipping particulars and my Free Delivery Route & Schedule.