Apr 2011

Weekend Recap: Cafe Nine And Wicked Wing Challenge

Al & the Black Cats at Cafe Nine in New Haven was an absolute balst. Everyone at the bar was super nice and happy to have the Gansett Girls there. Michelle from the GO KAT GO radio station was great, as well. Pretty much everyone there was interested in hearing about ‘Gansett and quite a few told their own ‘Gansett stories. It really couldn’t have been a better crowd, particularly since so many people there were into the music and Gansett. By the time the promo was over, the vast majority of the bar was taking advantage of the $2.00 tall boy special, and the bands were giving shout outs about ‘Gansett & drinking it on stage. Check out the photos below.

Firefly’s BBQ in Framingham, MA held a wing eating contest last week. It was appropriately called the Wicked Wing Challenge and sponsored by Narragansett beer. The Gansett Girls were there with prizes for the winners and our own neighbor, Bill, competed. Dave Andelman from the Phantom Gourmet was even there. Check out all the finger-lickin-sticky photos below.

Dave Andelman of the Phantom Gourmet

Gansett Girls and the Wicked Wall Of Fame!

Winner, Winner! Chicken Dinner!

Gansett Fans and their prizes!

Nice T-Shirt!

Mmmmm ....wings and beers!

Someone pass a wet-nap please!

Double Fisting Gansetts!